Wojciech Domagalski’s individual pop-up exhibition titled "absence" at the Department of Media and Visual Arts, West Liberty University. Thank you Martyna Matusiak curator of the exhibition for help and organization of my presentation🖤.

Wojciech Domagalski
Curator: prof. Martyna Matusiak
West Liberty University,
208 University Drive, CUB 125,
West Liberty, WV, 26074
Department of Media & Visual Arts

Artist Statement:
A silver rectangle is a plane that forces a nail-scraping gesture, like in a lottery scratch-off: find three similar symbols, a familiar image, a landscape, or a memory. The images in the "Absence" series seek and deepen the complications in impermanence, memory, transience, and absence. The project, created during my visit to West Liberty University, is concerned with linguistic and pictorial depicting objects with shaken vision status. The punctual uncovering of familiar, archival images - photos from under the silver paint is an attempt to ask questions about the identity of the past. It is a question of what is not there and what has passed. It is also a question about what remains, what can be, and become part of the present (not only in the imagination, memory, vision, and recollection).

A series of graphics "absence", from 2x3 cm to 10x15 cm
digital printing, photography, screen printing on paper, 2022